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‘AGEIS’ is a Latin word for backing, protection, support of an organization and our purpose for this business is to cultivate support for each other.

Ageis2u is born out of the pandemic environment faced by Macro Meridian which has been in the tradition business for almost 20 years.

Macro Meridian on a larger scale of their business buy and sell health food products to its network of retailers and when the pandemic hit, its business literally slowed down drastically with her retailers not performing as they used to.

Hoping that the pandemic would be temporary and business can get back to normal was without avail. We begin to see a “new normal” taking shape day by day, which is online business. Macro Meridian’s hope of getting back to normal is diminishing as more and more of its retailer closed their business one after another.

Hence Macro Meridian needs to make a decision for radical changes as the market in online marketing is getting more vibrant each day and before it becomes a really red ocean this is the best chance to set foot in this new business model as its loyal retailers are in agreement to work with Macro Meridian in this 020 business model.

Everyone who is coming on board this ship is not young anymore and ours and theirs objective is to build a good clientele base with Macro Meridian. With our advance, effective and marketable priced products along with our many years of marketing experiences we hope to generate decent monthly income for our affiliates so that they will be financially independent and not depend on their children for their daily needs.

Customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We focus on product quality and customer service quality.

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