Annaiya Cell Beauty Therapy Mask

Who doesn’t want to look young and pretty? better still if ones can look many years younger than their age.

To the ladies, beauty is their assets and that is why almost all the ladies in this world would not hesitate to spend on their look.

Annaiya is a cell therapeutic facial mask formulated with 5 types of peptides especially acetyl hexapeptides which is known as ‘botox in the bottle’ in the western beauty world. It is a very effective product yet very easy to use, just only need 20 minutes to complete, very compact for travelers and is value for money, a single treatment is equivalent 60 face masks.

Depending on your age, normally 3-5 DIY sets of 6 treatments each would give you your desired result of looking 3-5 years younger and with one or two treatments a month and regular use of our collagen masks you can maintain your look for a couple of years.

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